Gmail Password Recovery Help

Gmail is the most popular email service provider that has made its debut in the year 2004. This most user-friendly email service provider has made a huge a huge success in these ten years and now it can be said that at least one among three walking beside you possess a Gmail account.

Well, being a technical server, users may find some difficulties while re-setting the password or while protecting it from being hacked. Nothing to worry about even during such situations as Google has set the privacy setting so well that you can easily retain it through the Gmail password recovery help.

Though it seems a daunting task to reset or recover the lost password but Google has made it simple for the users owing it and at the same time tricky for the ones trying to hack it. Hence, it is easy to recover the password if one has lost or forgotten but is very difficult for a hacker to hack it.

Moreover, if you have forgotten or lost your Gmail password then without worrying about your important mails and getting panicked for your personal details, you can easily recover it without much trouble. You just need to check out the Gmail password recovery help and follow few steps which will let you set it back again:

  • First and foremost, you need to go to the website of Gmail, i.e. Other than this, you can also click the Gmail button available in the upper left corner of the Google’s homepage.
  • Next, go to the ‘sign in’ option and from there go the ‘Need Help’ option.
  • There you will find a button showing ‘I don’t know my password” , just click on it and type in your Gmail address.
  • Now, it will ask to enter your password and click the ‘continue’ button or choose the option, ‘I don’t remember’.
  • In the next step, it will ask you to reset your password either through mobile or by email.
  • Finally, open the mail that has been sent to you for password recovery help follow the instructions accordingly.
  • Now, enter your new password and enjoy the mail service.

If you find more difficulty while Gmail password recovery then you can straight away get in touch with the team through the Gmail helpline number.