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I was bore of using same template email for communication with my friends and relatives. Same old templates, same old smileys, nothing kept me attracted to email services. I was searching for new email service with innovative templates and smileys for making email conversations more interactive rather than keeping them dull and boring.

My search ended with Incredimail. It was a wonderful experience to try it out for first time. I used it on my Windows 7 PC and soon it was on my iPhone. I did not use email anymore but just Incredimail. I made all my friends to turn to this mail because it has that ‘cool factor’ with it that it made all of us its fan.

I was happy with it until I formatted my phone to factory reset. After that I installed Incredimail but was not able to guess my password. I had set it six months earlier and I didn’t have the slightest of clue of what it might be. I contacted support and service section of Incredimail and I didn’t expect the kind of response I will be getting.

I thought I will be holding my phone for hours, then will be asked some questions only to be told that what can be done will be done. But I was surprised to see the kind of support I received, my call was answered within 20 seconds and a well behaved professional was on the other side helping me out with getting back to my account as soon as possible.

By the time I was done with my phone call, I knew my password (though I had to answer some questions that were mandatory for security purpose). Now I suggest my friend to use IncrediMail not only because of its ‘cool factor’ but also of the incredible customer service and support available for IncrediMail. Ifyou guys haven’t used it yet, it is highly recommended that you use this mail service once and see the difference for yourself. Email will never be the same again once you go IncrediMail.

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