Lexmark Printer Technical Support Phone Number

Lexmark Printer Customer Service Contact Phone Number

Lexmark is one of the leading names in the technical industry that is involved in the manufacturing of high quality printers. It is an international corporation that zero in on developing and manufacturing imaging and printing products. The company initiated its business in the year 1991 and deals in manufacturing different types of printers as in toner, printer ink, printing supplies, business process management and others. The company has its headquarters situated in Lexington, United States. It sells its products in more than 170 countries across the globe and is one of the leading printer manufacturers. Lexmark printers are trusted products for their quality and great results but at times Lexmark printers may undergo certain complications or issues that are hard to resolve. For any problem you encounter in your Printer you can reach out to the official customer support offered by Lexmark. The needed technical can be accessed at Lexmark customer service number and is easy to get through.

Lexmark Printer Customer Contact Helpline Details

There are several issues that a printer may undergo. Some of the technical glitches are listed below:-

  • Problem during Installation
  • Poor printing problem
  • Not able to do printing at all
  • Cartridge problem
  • Paper issues

All the issues mentioned above can be best resolved by technical experts with Lexmark Printer support. The technical advisors from the experts allow the user to execute smooth printing by efficiently tackling all the complications that may occur in the printer or in the computer system. The technical advisors at the Lexmark support team are the expert professionals who have huge industry experience which they channelize to resolve diverse troubles and difficulty of the users.

Lexmark Printer Customer Contact Portal

Ideal about the customer contact forum from Lexmark Printer is it best connects the user to the highly trained professionals at the other end and guarantees best services sans any hassles. Lexmark Printer technical advisers are trained and qualified engineers, who best probe in the technical issue, spot the glitches and entirely resolve the issues to overcome them. The experts offer holistic printer support to ensure that user does not encounter any problem. The aid from the advisers is provided 24/7 and to any corner of the country. The technical advisers offer remote assistance with the help of remote support mechanism established at their end which aids them to get hassle free and easy access to the printer and computer system of the user and tailor to best resolve the trouble but only with the consent of the user.

Lexmark Printer contact information:


Lexmark Printer phone number: 1-859-232-2000

Lexmark Printer Email Helpline:shauser@profgroup.com

Lexmark Printer Working Hours: M to F: 9 am to 9 pm
Sat: 12 pm to 6 pm

Lexmark Printer Address:Lexmark International, Inc.740 W. New Circle Road Lexington, KY 40550

Lexmark Printer Web Address:http://www.lexmark.com/

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